Repossessed Cars: FAQs 2

1. Does there need to be a court order for repossession of a vehicle?
Not necessarily. If less than 50% of repayments have been made then a finance company can repossess a vehicle without a court order.

2. Where can I buy bailiff repossessed cars?
The best place to buy bailiff repossessed cars is at a car auction. Find a repossessed car auction local to you by accessing the auctions by location at the bottom right of our homepage. Alternatively visit our buy repossessed cars section.

3. How long before vehicle is repossessed for non payment?
This depends on the company which has provided the loan, each having its own agreement and repossession terms.
Typically a default notice is sent after 2 missed payments and if this is ignored, the finance company will request a repossession order from the courts.

4. If your car is repossessed can the finance company hold it if you paid your arrears?
If your car is repossessed, technically you have not fulfilled the original agreement you signed.
If you have since paid the arrears, the finance company should return the car to you, provided they haven’t sold it already.
After repossession, it is not definite that you should get the car back immediately, but you should speak to the loan company and find out the up to date situation of the car.

5. What is involved if you are unable to make car payments does the company repossess the car?
Yes, failure to make repayments can result in your car being repossessed.

6. Can car finance companies use confiscation orders?
Car finance companies usually use repossession orders to take a vehicle. Confiscation orders are issued by the police, for example, when driving without insurance.

7. Bank is taking me to court over repossession of a vehicle what can I do?
You can either pay the arrears, often courts can agree to a payment scheme over a period of time. You can dispute the repossession, read about disputing a car repossession.
The other option is to not pay, if you have any assets of value these will be confiscated and this will affect your credit score. The other option is bankruptcy.

8. Can your car be repoed without a court order?
Yes, if you have made less than 50% of repayments, the finance company can come and repossess your vehicle without a court repossession order.

9. If you have paid 50% of your car hp can finance company repossess it?
Check the fine print of your agreement, finance companies can repossess even after 50% of payment has been made, however they will need to provide you with a court order in order to repossess if you have made more than 50% of the repayments.

10. What legal action will a car finance company take to repossess the vehicle?
Finance companies will send bailiffs to repossess a car if payments have not been made as per the finance agreement you initially signed.They will then sell the vehicle and contact you to recover any losses. This will usually be carried out via the courts.
You can expect your credit score to also be affected.

11. What is the legal time frame to auction a repossessed vehicle?
This will usually be at the discretion of the finance company and it’s more than likely that they are able to sell the car straight away following repossession as you have failed to follow the terms you agreed to in the initial loan agreement.
There have been cases when a car is sold the day after repossession.

12. What happens if my car is being repossesed and I total it?
If your car is being repossessed and you destroy the car, you will be liable for any money still outstanding on the loan minus the cost of selling the car. If the car is unsellable as it has been destroyed or crashed then you will inevitably end up having to pay the amount that the car would have been sold at as well. Hence your costs go up. If it was involved in an accident then you would need to contact the insurance company to see if they will carry out repairs.

13. Who do I contact if I am interested in repo cars?
If you are interested in buying repossessed cars then visit our buy repossessed cars section. Alternatively, click on the homepage and find out where to buy repossessed cars by viewing the bottom right of your screen to find car auctions local to you.
Read our guide on buying repossessed cars from auction.

14. What is the UK law on car repossessions?
Read car repossession law and legal terms.

15. Where can you buy or bid on repossessed pickup trucks?
Read our repossessed trucks article.

16. Free legal advice about a repo car and car repossession and what I can do?
Visit our links and advice page which provides info on who can assist with advice on car repossession.

17. Information on how to dispute a car reposession?
Read info on how to dispute a car repossession.

18. Can my car be repossessed if i make 50% of the payments?
Yes but not without a repossession order from the courts.

19. Can my car be repossessed if I make payments on time?
There are rare occassions when a car is repossessed if you have been making payments for example in the case of a criminal matter. However, under normal circumstances there should be no need for your car to be repossessed if you have been making payments on time.

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