Dispute a Car Repossession

Below are a list of steps you can take in order to dispute the repossession of your car or van:

1) Make a record of all contact with loan company.

It is advisable to record all contact made with the creditor company. This means that in the event that they dont follow guidelines, you have the right to dispute the repossession and even forfeit the repossession as the company has not been following the law correctly.

2) File for Bankruptcy

If this is done before the car is actually repossessed, you are legally entitled to have the car returned to you.

3) Catch out the Bailiffs

When any goods are being repossessed the representative of the repossession must follow guidelines they have been set out to maintain the legality of the repossession. He or she must follow certain rules on behalf the repossession company, which if broken, can leave them in a big mess and possibly even help your case. Listed here are a few of the rules: They may not take your car from a locked garage, nor can they damage any of your property (including the car) in the process of seizing it. They may not touch you or threaten to harm or arrest you or anyone in your party. They must leave your property when you ask them to. They also may not force you to pull over while driving. If you experience any of these rules broken, call the police and report it.

4) If the car is auctioned – attend

Attend the auto auction if the creditor informs you that the repossessed car is going to be auctioned. They are legally required to inform you of this. If the car sells for more than you owe on it, the creditor must pay you the difference. This doesn’t happen very often, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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