Insurance Yards

What happens to cars damaged after accidents? What happens to your car after it has run its life? Even burnt and certainly no longer roadworthy? They end up in an insurance yard.

Insurance yards
are made up of cars or trucks which have been declared as being “scrap”. When a car is involved in an accident or is unable to be repaired, insurance companies will “write off” a vehicle thus declaring it unroadworthy. This often happens when the insurance company will decide the cost of repairing a car is more than the actual list price or current value of the car. In this case the car is scrapped or stripped down for spare parts.

Repossessed Cars
sometimes end up in an insurance yard after repossession. If the car is not worth selling on the insurance company may decide to scrap the vehicle.

These salvage yards provide a great place to go and buy spare parts for your vehicle. Instead of paying over the odds prices for parts for your car from a main parts retailer, it’s more than likely you can buy that obscure part for a fraction of the price from an insurance yard. Once the junk yard receives a vehicle, it is up to them to decide what to do with it. Sometimes they are immediately scrapped but more often than not they are held in the scrap yard to be stripped down and sold. What can’t be sold will then be scrapped and recycled. The insurance yard benefits from the money it receives from the car parts plus the recycle yards

Often they will look to sell the car on as whole. The car may be accident / damaged but even though the insurance company didn’t think it was worth repairing the vehicle it most certainly does not mean it cannot be repaired. People often buy cars from insurance yards which have suffered light or minor damage in a car accident. The cost of repairing a salvage car might save them hundreds or even thousands from the list price.

If you are looking for a spare part for your car there are some great websites which allow you to advertise parts you are looking for. The salvage yards then contact you via the website and give you prices for the spare parts. You can compare prices offered from different yards to find the best deal for you. One of these is 1st choice car parts, a free site I have used myself. Another site selling parts for extremely low prices is Ebay.

Nowadays insurance yards and salvage yards are not the disorganised junk places they may have been in the past. Thanks to computers, these businesses have a full database inventory of all their parts allowing them to make quick and easy sales in an insurance yard.


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  1. Stu says:

    I think this is a good idea. So that some cars are re useful in the insurance car or maybe some other parts are in good condition they can sell it.

  2. Robert Cross says:

    A lot of cars that get scrapped nowadays are still very roadworthy. Some people get rid of them because they get too expensive to run with rising fuel prices and a lot (particularly here in the UK) are sent to the scrapyards by law enforcement agencies because the owners used them for a crime, or whilst uninsured. The old image of scrapyard spares being well worn out is obsolete now, I buy a lot of spares for our fleet of taxis from the nearest breaker and we have never had any problems yet.

  3. herb plugs says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about insurance yards. Regards

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