Facebook Friends Help Son Get Murdered Mother’s Repossessed Car Back

A distraught son ended up losing his mother’s car to repossession after her mother. A single mother in Denver was brutally murdered by an ex boyfriend in America leaving her two children behind.

Following the murder, the car was taken by police as evidence and then automatically repossessed by the lender. Despite making the car payments after the death of his mother, Toyota failed to give back the car to the son, Aaron and ended up repossessing it. Toyota demanded the full balance of the vehicle despite receiving the repayments citing state law as giving them the power to repossess.

After Aaron posted his feelings on social networking site, Facebook, his friends decided to take matters into their own hands and began commenting on the injustice that he had received by Toyota. They posted hundreds of comments regarding the repossessed car on the Facebook page of the car manufacturer.

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