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Repossessed Motorbikes

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Not only are cars available at knockdown prices, but now motorbikes and motorcycles are appearing more and more through the UK’s auctions. As more and more motorcycles are repossessed, the choice of bikes available to the public is increasing on a daily basis. Often with full service history and excellent condition, finding a repossessed motorbike has never been so easy.

Remember to read one of our guides for buying a repossessed motorbike and to find a location near you auctioning the latest repossessed motorbikes simply go to our homepage and view the auction lists on the right hand side.

Motorbikes are often repossessed for non payment so finding one which is near new can be a much cheaper option than looking to buy from a dealer or via a private selling magazine like the auto trader. Many people struggle at an auction so its important to have the right information to hand and do your research on auctions before you start bidding. Make sure you inspect the motorcycle carefully and set yourself a maximum bidding price.

Look to visit as many repossessed motorcycle auctions that you can. This will give you an idea of the market as well as which locations have the best deals. Remember that motorbikes are repossessed on a daily basis so don’t feel you have to buy from the first auction you go to, there will be other opportunities.