Guide For Buying Repossessed Cars At Auction

When buying at a repossessed car auction, there is much more to do than just assessing the appearance of a car you are interested in. Further research is required before a purchase is made. Car auctions are widely regarded as being the best place to pick up second hand or repossessed cars at the best price, but it is also very important to note that people often end up paying over the odds or picking up a repossessed car which gives them mechanical problems.

For this reason we have put together a comprehensive guide to buying a repossessed car at a car auction near you. This will help to assist you especially if you are attending your first auction. If you are going to your first auction, we would recommend attending with someone who has been before and is familiar with the process or we would recommend only observing on the first occasion. Remember that casr are sold “as is” at auction, which means that the vehicles will be sold as they appear on the lot and once the highest bid has been made, it is binding.

Below is a guide to purchasing a repossessed car at an auction:

1. Take A Mechanic With You
It is advisable to take a car mechanic with you when attending an autcion, particularly if your knowledge on what’s under the bonnet is limited. The expertise of a mechanic could save you lots of money in the long run so even paying him a small amount could help you pick up a good deal. It is important to check the car from top to bottom especially the engine.  The majority of auctions do the utmost to make sure the repossessed cars on offer are at a high standard and are reliable. However, it is important to note that some vehicles which are below standard do make it through so it is important to make sure you avoid these kind of vehicles.

2. Study the Vehicle History
Before making a bid you should make sure you study the history of a vehicle. Auctions are often made up of cars which have previously been in accidents, and these are the cars which are usually being sold cheaper than the market rate for the specification of car. It is important to note that these cars may cause problems by not running properly especially if they have been in a major accidents and repaired. Slightly accident damaged motors can often prove to be a bargain so try to keep an eye out for these.

3. Have a Price in Mind and Stick to it
Do not bid too much for a car. It is very easy to go above market price when bidding so we would advise to calculate a price for a vehicle you are interested in and don’t go above this price. Repossessed cars often get overpriced when there is a bidding competition. In these cases we would advise to not get involved and let the winning bidder take it. If the price becomes too overinflated it may be better to look at other options.

4. Check the Pedals and Steering Wheel
A very simple tip when buying at auction or buying any used cars is to check the pedals. These are usually not replaced or changed so it can often be a giveaway when the exterior of a car has been modified or repaired to make it look almost new. If the pedals are worn and the outside of the car looks brand new then you know that something has been changed. It is recommended to check the paintwork thoroughly and also have check the steering wheel. Move it back and forth, any clunking noises and this is a car we would not recommend you buy.

5. Carefully Examine the Frame
If a car has a damaged frame, this would indicate that this is a vehicle which has been involved in a major accident at some point in its history.

6. Run A Finger Into The Edges
When examing the car we would advise to run your finger into the edges of the paintwork, rough spots indicate that the car has been fixed after being in a major accident. These rough spots appear when masking tape has been applied to the car bodywork during a paint job. Also look for changes in shades of colour. New resprays may have a slightly different shade of colour – another giveaway that a car has been repainted after a collission.

In summary its important to not rush into buying something you are not sure about. You should have a good feel about the car and make sure the price is right. If its something you are planning on driving for a while why push yourself into buying a car at the first auction you attend. Would it not be better to attend a few auctions, learn the process and wait for the right car at the best price to come along?

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